Home means...

Better schools for our children.
Affordable, accessible health care for our families.
Good jobs for our communities.
Protected voting rights for all Nevadans.
An opportunity for every family to succeed.


We’re wishing Mike and Dexter safe travels as they get to work and help first responders in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Thank you for your dedicated service – Nevada is standing by Florida in the wake of this tragedy.

Students can show off their artistic skills and earn money towards college! The NV Treasurer’s Office is opening up its second annual art contest for Pre-K through 12th grade students to create a submission showing off their future career. https://t.co/68oJMFXPkP

Infrastructure investments coming into our state will create generational change. It was great to see so many thoughtful ideas come out of the #NVInfrastructureSummit on Friday on ways to make sure we don’t take these opportunities for granted.

Nevada Infrastructure Summit Recap

The summit focused on transportation, economic development, high-speed internet, workforce development, clean energy investments, and water infrastruc...


Today's the last day! #GetCovered with a health plan that works for you and your family through the link below 👇

We've got 3 days to help our friends and family get covered. RT to encourage them to visit https://t.co/ip6DFYGvx9 today and #GetCovered.

Nevada Governor-elect Steve Sisolak will deliver his first State of the State address next month. https://t.co/6BV4dhaftc

The gains we’ve made in Nevada are due to the folks we’ve sent to Carson City. Please join me in supporting Melanie Scheible via @actblue @MelanieScheible @NVSenateDems 💙

My dad immigrated to America from Mexico in his teens, working in the fields of California to the casino kitchens in Las Vegas.

Today, he made his way into the People’s House, once again embodying the promise of this nation. #LatinoHeritageMonth