Home means...

Better schools for our children.
Affordable, accessible health care for our families.
Good jobs for our communities.
Protected voting rights for all Nevadans.
An opportunity for every family to succeed.


Going forward, this account will no longer be active on Twitter and will no longer be monitored. Once this account has been archived by the State, the account will be deactivated.

Today's the last day! #GetCovered with a health plan that works for you and your family through the link below 👇

We've got 3 days to help our friends and family get covered. RT to encourage them to visit https://t.co/ip6DFYGvx9 today and #GetCovered.

Nevada Governor-elect Steve Sisolak will deliver his first State of the State address next month. https://t.co/6BV4dhaftc

In Carson City with @PPVotesNevada for our lobby day of action! Thank you @Nicole4Nevada and Assemblywoman @Sandra4NV for championing reproductive freedom for all Nevadans! 💪🏿#NVLeg #NV4ReproFreedom

Thank you Senator @Nicole4Nevada, Assemblywoman @Sandra4NV for speaking to Nevadans about why we’re sending the issue of reproductive freedom to Nevada voters once and for all. Let’s send the Constitutional Amendment to Protect Reproductive Freedom to the voters in 2026! #NVLeg

We’re outside of the Legislative Building with @PPVotesNevada @NARALNV @mintimm @sandra4nv @SteveYeagerNV @NevadaNOW @PLANevada @BattleBornProg and Nevadans to talk about why #SJR7 to add reproductive rights to the Nevada Constitution is so important