Home means...

Better schools for our children.
Affordable, accessible health care for our families.
Good jobs for our communities.
Protected voting rights for all Nevadans.
An opportunity for every family to succeed.


This weekend, remember to #MaskUpNV, practice social distancing and wash your hands.

Today, I am thrilled to appoint Charina de Asis as Director of the Nevada Office for New Americans. She will work to support our newest neighbors, help them navigate through challenging barriers, assist them in building businesses, and create a welcoming environment in Nevada.

Thank you to Esmeralda County residents for looking out for one another to prevent COVID19.

"Locals who left town on monthly shopping trips took orders from neighbors, especially the older ones, so they didn’t have to leave home."

Inside the Nevada county that the coronavirus has skipped — so far

Esmeralda is the only Nevada county to report no COVID- 19 cases, a rarity in a state that has seen more than 59,700 cases and 1,045 deaths. There are...


Today's the last day! #GetCovered with a health plan that works for you and your family through the link below 👇

We've got 3 days to help our friends and family get covered. RT to encourage them to visit https://t.co/ip6DFYGvx9 today and #GetCovered.

Nevada Governor-elect Steve Sisolak will deliver his first State of the State address next month. https://t.co/6BV4dhaftc

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable human rights. No exceptions. @HRC_NV has incredible allies on their side. It’s a pleasure to be in such impressive company! Thank you for your endorsement! #nvleg

Getting-Out-The-Vote with us is fun & simple. Our calling system dials voters for you, so you can work on a crossword puzzle, scroll Twitter, or play Animal Crossing in-between calls. Thanks to our volunteers for joining us today! Join our next phonebank: https://t.co/akPqJb67PY