Governor Sisolak donates salary to Nevada schools

During the campaign Governor Steve Sisolak said he would donate his salary to Nevada schools and today his office announced he plans to do just that. Sisolak said he’ll cut a check every 3 months to the state education gift fund. The money will go to schools that have a high percentage of students in poverty. Title 1 schools. Fox5’s Abby Tedros is live in the newsroom to tell us how much the schools will get. The plan is that each Title 1 school will get a one-time donation of a thousand dollars over the course of Sisolak’s 4 year term. A spokesperson with the Governor’s office told me he wrote his first paycheck today and it was for about $24,000. That check will likely reach about 24 schools. They money is supposed to help with essential classroom supplies that teachers usually pay for. In total we have 416 title 1 schools in the state. I’m told the state board of education will decide how that money is distributed. I talked with the Vice President of the board. He says while the money won’t solve the state’s education budget problems, Sisolak’s gesture shows he’s committed.