K-12 budget passed as legislators head into their final day

The bill includes Governor Sisolak’s 3% teacher raise and 2% merit pay raise… [and] allocates about $372.2 million to reduce class sizes.

Well the Washoe County school district now has a little bit better of an idea what it’s financial picture will look like for the next two years. Zach is live in the studio with one bill that’s been approved in Carson City by lawmakers that will have a big impact on our schools financially Zach. Yeah Senate Bill 555 is sitting in Governor Sisolak’s office as we speak expected to be signed. This bill lays out the funding for the next 2 fiscal years for all 17 school districts in Nevada. The K-12 bill sets per pupil funding for the state at an average of $6,000. For the Washoe County school district that’s an increase of about $100 over what is currently budgeted. (Lindsay Anderson WCSD) Besides just the per pupil amount there is a lot of money for other categorical programs too. Our read by three initiative, our zoom and victory schools, and all those programs were sustained or added to so we’re excited about what that’s going mean for us going forward. (Newscaster) For the Washoe County school district Anderson says the state’s new budget doubles categorical funding for their Read By Three program as well as the new education funding plan. The bill also looks to grant Governor Sisolak’s promise of a 3% teacher raise. (Lindsay Anderson WCSD) There’s still more legislation happening right now that will impact those final budget numbers but we think this is a really big step in the right direction to be able to negotiate those 3% raises that the Governor mentioned in his state of the state.

Source: https://mynews4.com/news/local/k-12-budget-passed-as-legislators-head-into-their-final-day